The Peoples Tequila

Pablo and Josh’s love and appreciation for tequila runs deep. Having both worked with the artisanal spirit for a combined 25 years, it is in fact the very thing that shaped their friendship. When late night arguments and deep conversations over the quality and crafting of tequila happened regularly, it became clear that their shared passion could no longer be ignored. Jalisco was calling.

Eventually, Josh came to the conclusion that they had to “embrace [their] love for the spirit and take this on together.” Countless trips to Jalisco and months of tasting, shaping, and crafting Socorro’s profile brought them to Casa Camerena: the perfect partner for their brand. With over 200 years of history, tradition, and experience making some of the greatest tequilas in the world, together they set to make an enjoyable and superior tequila without sacrificing any quality.

From this labor of love, no short-cuts were taken and Soccorro was born. A quality product, even for the guys with the highest of standards, blossomed out of a strong friendship and an even stronger devotion for tequila. “We have created this one of a kind tequila not for some people to enjoy occasionally, but for everyone to enjoy all the time…we have created the people’s tequila”.

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