Socorro means:

Help Assistance Relief


 Case for A Case

During our time in Jalisco Mexico, we discovered that one of the things we take for granted in Texas is something so simplistic – water. We can have water whenever we want without a second thought, but that’s not the case in certain areas of Mexico. We found that there was a real scarcity among the people who have loved, supported and walked along us in the journey of our business. We decided we didn’t just need to, but wanted to desperately help.

So, for every case of tequila we sell, we donate a case of water to different orphanages, nursing homes or communities. The Socorro logo consists of three simple symbols to tell our story: water, helping hands, agave, and on the top of every bottle a label that reads, “Case for a Case”. We not only created our favorite tequila, but discovered what we wanted the goal of our business to be: giving back.


Where Socorro

is crafted



In my humble opinion, Socorro is the greatest tequila of all time…”

– Co Founder Josh Irving

“Go do something selfless, it’ll change everything you thought

you knew about happiness.”

– Co Founder Pablo Antinori