Our Story

A shared love and passion for tequila by two industry professionals started out as a mission solely to create the best tasting agave spirit. Having spent hundreds of hours tasting and exploring Jalisco to find the perfect product, Socorro is what their soul was searching for: the peoples tequila.

Our Tequilas

"Socorro Means: Help, Aid, Relief"

Case for a Case

Over 9 million people In Mexico are without potable water. During a trip to Arandas, Jalisco, Pablo and Josh learned there were thousands of children who must work so their families could have clean water to drink. For every case of tequila sold, Socorro will donate a case of water to orphanages in Mexico.


Drink tequila. help others!

Our Process


Using traditional brick ovens that are steam injected with well water, we load our estate grown piñas.


After extracting the purest sugars from our piñas , we mix this  natural aguamiel with well water and add proprietary yeast.


After our fermentation, we perform a double distillation in which the heads and tails are constantly cut.


For the aging process Socorro Tequila is rested in new American oak charred barrels with a capacity of 200 liters.


All Socorro tequilas, whether aged or unaged undergo an oxygenation process before bottling.