Drink tequila, help others

For every case of tequila sold, Socorro will donate a case of water to an orphanage in Mexico. This culture has changed our outlook on life in many different ways. The hard work, happiness, giving nature of Mexico has motivated us to look beyond our business. We want to help the people who have inspired us to live out our dream. We are making a small change, but what an incredible change it is.

Helping Hands

Over 9 million people in Mexico are without potable water. To put this in to perspective, over 6 BILLION litres of potable water is what these people need per year. Whether you are enjoying a Socorro Margarita, buying a bottle for a party or stocking up your house with cases, every time you purchase our tequila, you are making an impact in these kid’s lives.Drink tequila, help others.

Eye-Opening Trip

During a trip to Arandas, Pablo and Josh met a young girl who approached them selling candy. They learned there were thousands of children who had to work so their families could have clean water to drink. This encounter changed the message of their entire company; they needed to take action to solve this problem. They needed to help; to aid; to provide relief; A Case for a Case was born.


For the aging process Socorro Tequila is rested in new American oak charred barrels No. 2 with a capacity of 200 liters per barrel. We picked new American oak to keep Socorro Reposado and Añejo an “agave forward” Tequila. Our Reposado is aged for 2-4 months while our Añejo is sealed for a minimum of 12 months.This aging process adds many characters and complexity while maintaining our distinguished agave profile.


After our fermentation, we perform a double distillation in which the heads and tails are constantly cut. The distillation is where our master distiller perfects his craft. The first distillation we cut 60 liters off the “heads” of the tequila. The second distillation we cut 200 liters off the “heads” and 150 liters off the “tails”. This leaves us 850 liters of the “Heart” of the tequila, its purest and most desirable form. We then filter the tequila at 52.7*F.